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Integrative Medical Aesthetics

Rebel Med’s approach to Anti-aging comes from a holistic view of the physical, emotional and environmental impacts on the body. As we age we lose our innate ability to regenerate, it is important to start your anti aging journey as soon as possible. It is much easier to prevent signs of aging than it is to reverse them. However, we are able to meet you wherever you are in your aging process and help set reasonable and achievable goals. 

We offer a variety of cosmetic and dermatology treatments as well as diet and lifestyle counseling specific to your needs. All of these treatments are based on stimulating collagen and elastin production, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.

These are regenerative techniques that utilize your own body’s healing system. As opposed to botox and fillers, our specialists use an all natural and holistic approach. This is a great natural alternative to invasive surgeries, face lifts or toxic injection techniques that can have long term negative effects.

Our Integrative Medical Aesthetics are provided by our provider led team recently having won Seattle Met Top Doctor 2022

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