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Counseling & Mental Health

Support your mind, body, and spirit with integrative counseling

Counseling & Mental Health at Rebel Med NW

Naturopathic physicians provide primary care mental health counseling as a part of their scope of practice. This includes common management of many life situations, traumas, and unexpected challenges towards our mental health. Our full integrative approach is also fully compatible with an already established counselor or mental health provider. Meeting with one of our Naturopathic Physicians for counseling allows full conversations towards integrative treatment options including nutrition, medication, mind body medicine training, biofeedback, and many classic counseling therapeutics including motivational interviewing, CBT, ACT, and interventions to support behavioral change. Further support your health with a balancing acupuncture session to further improve your nervous system and mental wellness.

Counseling at Rebel Med NW

  • Evidenced based Anxiety, Depression, & Mental Health treatments
  • Learn how your nervous system affects your physiology
  • Learn applicable skills towards mindfulness, stress reduction, and reducing symptoms
  • Foundational cognitive behavioral skills and strategies to achieve sustainable results
  • Medication or Nutrient assisted options available to start feeling better faster
  • Whether you are looking to start a mental health conversation with nutrition, skills and support, or looking to be referred to one of our recommended providers, we are here for you
Conditions Treated
  • Anxiety, Overwhelm, or Worry
  • Depression & Burnout
  • Stress Overload & Adrenal Fatigue
  • PTSD & Panic Attack
  • Alcohol or other drug dependence
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Anger or Irritability Management
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Anxiety about a recent diagnosis
  • Adjunctive skill training with Biofeedback
  • Anti-Depression medication management
  • Telemedicine Sessions Available

Counseling Office visits: are based on 60-minute initial visit and 45-60 minute follow-up counseling visits. Counseling visits are billed as time based visits with a naturopathic physician, with coding appropriate to your insurance company for counseling. Not all insurances will cover additional time based coding, and extended office visits may be subject to our extended time fee.

Insurance: Please talk to our front desk staff if you would like to use your insurance if you have coverage for Naturopathic Benefits. Price may vary depending on patient’s insurance deductible, copay, and plan benefits. Patient is responsible for understanding their insurance benefits for all covered and non-covered services, and an estimate based on the information provided to us will be provided. Please contact 206–297-6013 if you have any questions.

Cash, Debit, Credit, HSA, and payment plan accepted.

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