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Medical care while saving you time and headache from traveling to the doctor’s office

Rebel Med NW Telemedicine Located in Seattle

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Rebel Med NW utilizes one unified platform for communication to help achieve success in secure patient communication and interaction. Telemedicine helps provide improved medical care while saving you time and headache from traveling to the doctor’s office. Imagine not having to travel in traffic, and be able to get direct medical advice, save time, money, and feel better faster.  Our physicians offer prompt responses, answered by the physician directly, without having to have messages passed along.

Subscribe to one of our packages and save money, knowing you can be accountable for better health and wellness when needed. Invest in your health by working with a licensed naturopathic physician that can answer many common health conditions, order labs, prescribe medications or researched safe herbal or nutritional supplements to address your health concerns.

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Most major Insurances currently accepted!

All established patients receive access to an online messaging platform with our CHARM EHR Portal for secure patient communication and document sharing regarding care provided in office.

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*Reminder Naturopathic Telemedicine may be a non-covered service for your particular health insurance plan and will require verification prior to visiting, as you may be responsible for some or all of your telemedicine visit. Not all conditions are appropriate to be treated through telemedicine and may require referral to urgent care, specialist, or your primary care physician, additionally, you may need to have a physical exam or lab work done to facilitate evaluation of the medical concern presented in the visit. Naturopathic Telemedicine is available for patients that currently reside in Washington State, or have established care with one of the Rebel Med NW providers in person.

Rebel Med NW Telemedicine Communication Packages

Communication packages designed to retain your doctor’s time & effort to communicate with you remotely outside of your standard office visits. Due to the rising cost of providing affordable care to our patients, and continuing to take most major insurance, we support our practitioners at Rebel Med NW by offering these packages available to our patients who value retaining their physician as an ally in their health.

Contact us today and schedule a Telemedicine Visit!

Most major Insurances currently accepted!

No Current Insurance? We have competitive options available as a part of our Rebel Med NW membership options.


Messaging Platform – HIPAA Compliant and more secure than email.

It is important to have your health data and privacy protected. Rebel Med NW takes privacy and communication seriously, and utilizes CHARM EHR, a HIPAA Compliant platform for communication between patient’s & doctors. This allows patients to upload recent Labs, Imaging, or from other physicians and communicate to the physician directly.

CHARM EHR - Telemedicine

Video Platform – HIPAA Compliant Video Communication – saves you time and money

Once you have established care at Rebel Med NW, you will have the opportunity to access Rebel Med NW’s secure telemedicine system through our online CHARM EHR portal for between visit check-in’s, quick questions, and non-urgent medical concerns. This saves you time, energy, and money from making an in-person office visit. Not all conditions may be appropriate for treatment using a video platform and may require an in-person physical exam or lab testing. This is for your safety and to provide you the best medical coverage.

Rebel Med NW’s Online Dispensary

Rebel Med NW’s Online Portal Access

Telemedicine or Telephone Visit Charges

$49 for up to 15 minutes
$79 for up to 30 minutes
$30 for every 15 minutes after half an hour

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