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Healthy Detox Program

Optimize your body’s natural ability to detoxify, whether it is for physical, emotional, or mental health.

Feel better naturally

The Healthy Detox program at Fit Naturopathic Center in Ballard, Seattle, Washingon, we optimize your body’s natural ability to detoxify, whether it is for physical health, emotional, or mental health. There are numerous benefits to supporting your body’s normal elimination processes. Fit Naturopathic utilizes custom-built healthy detox programs for each individual, that fit with your schedule, ease of use, and support your energy along the way. Using either our Vitamin B12 or Lipotropic Vitamin Injections can help facilitate your Health Detox Program.

We eat fiber-poor, nutrient-poor diets while being chronically dehydrated and stressing our bodies to the limit until we feel tired, sluggish, or we start having other ailments.  A healthy detoxification program should be about having good energy, improved mood, and allowing your body to change naturally as you support it.

The First Rule


Limiting your exposure to toxic food & chemicals, toxic relationships, and toxic thoughts can be the first step before doing anything else. If you are still exposing yourself in the workplace, in the home, or the environment, you can harm the body by following a detoxification program if there is still an exposure present.

The Second Rule


Skin (skin cells, sweat, hair, nails) – therapies like sauna therapy can be helpful.

Liver & Digestive Tract via bile, and the microflora or bacteria

Kidneys – These filters that naturally keep your blood from building up with waste by-products of metabolism, are key to keeping a healthy blood pressure, and urinary tract

Lungs – We breathe every second of the day and actually blow off excess CO2, and other chemicals that are expressed through the lungs. Preventing exposure, and maintaining a healthy breath practice also helps balance the nervous system and relax the mind.

We don’t use these routes of elimination nearly enough on a regular basis, or often one area is neglected, and require another area to take on some of that detoxifying burdon. Developing a plan that maximizes all of these areas, helps eliminate different types of chemicals, metabolites, and optimizes your body’s ability to handle the natural and unnatural exposures you may or may not know you are encountering.

The Third Rule


Good clean water is the tool that helps facilitate the body’s ability to move your circulation and help facilitate your body’s ability to move various nutrients and waste products around in the body.

The Fourth Rule


Moving the body helps facilitate movement of core muscles and postural muscles that facilitate improved bowel movements, improves circulation, and helps encourage the body to sweat and express toxins through the skin. consider following an exercise program at the Olympic Athletic Club across the street or biking along the Burke Gillman trail in Seattle when setting up a healthy detox program with one of the physicians at Rebel Med NW.

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