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Spinal Manipulation

An integrative alternative to Chiropractic care in Ballard

Improve range of motion & decrease neck, back, or extremity pain

Ballard Chiropractic AlternativeSpinal manipulation treatments performed by trained Rebel Med NW physicians are similar to chiropractic care, however more clearly defined as an osteopathic manipulation, or similar to physical therapy mobilizations for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain. We do not provide chiropractic care at Rebel Med NW, and can provide referrals to other providers in the area if necessary, or as covered by your insurance if referral needed. Naturopathic Physicians in the State of Washington can mobilize and manipulate the spine to help improve range of motion, decrease pain, and promote improved circulation and healing after injury, car accidents, or the stresses of day to day desk work or inactivity.

The advantage of seeing a naturopathic physician compared to a chiropractor is very similar to seeing an osteopathic physician. The physicians at Rebel Med NW can diagnose, refer for imaging, and provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for recovery from pain.  This is a great way to reduce reliance on pain medications such as opioids, NSAIDS, or muscle relaxers by providing an all in one integrated solution. Many patients additional receive benefit from our in-house medical massage therapy or acupuncture services to facilitate reduced muscle spasm, and reset the nervous system prior to a spinal adjustment.

If you are looking for an alternative to chiropractic care, take a look at many of the techniques provided at Rebel Med NW by Dr. Andrew Simon, Dr. Jessica Schule, or Dr. Kathy Severson.

Activator Method Technique

Activator treatment is a gentle alternative utilizing an activator adjusting tool used by many chiropractors and naturopathic physicians who perform spinal manipulations. Allowing for unique assessment, and gentle specific treatments that minimize force to the body. Activator treatment can be helpful for neck pain, wrist, foot, and treatment of older, younger, or treatments requiring less force to the spine.

Therapeutic Stretching, Muscle Activation, and Release techniques

Naturopathic Medicine Ballard Clinic
Trained in techniques of muscle pin and stretch, manual therapy, and activation and release techniques. Rebel Med NW physicians use elements of stretching and mobilization to help encourage pain relief in the neck, back or extremities.  Followed by home exercises this can be a great way to affect change over time to re-balance symmetry and good biomechanics to the body. Some of these techniques are employed prior to a more formal spinal manipulation.

Drop Table Spinal Manipulation

Drop Table Spinal Manipulation therapies use the same principles of a manual release, but utilize special tables that drop at different regions of the body, to allow the practitioner to adjust an area while keeping the patient in a very neutral position either face up or face down. Often drop table mobilizations can be more comfortable for a patient if looking for spinal manipulation without any twisting of the body. The “Drop” comes from the table dropping about an inch below the area of focus with slight pressure on the joint.

Pelvic Blocking / Sacral Occipital Technique

Seattle Chiropractic & Physical medicine
Pelvic Blocking and other SOT techniques can be employed without the need for high-velocity adjustments when a gentle approach is needed, or when trying to restore normal function to a joint without over treatment. Common to use pelvic blocking if there has been ligament laxity due to pregnancy, or bigger strains to the body where a gentler technique is indicated vs traditional chiropractic care.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio sacral therapy is a gentle form of spinal manipulation and joint manipulation that uses a traditional osteopathic technique for a gentle unwinding of the bones of the skull, spine, and lower extremity. It is considered a gentle approach to help facilitate a calmer nervous system and can help induce improved relaxation which can assist a reduction in muscle activation and therefore easier movement of any affected joints.

What to Expect at a Spinal Manipulation visit

Dr. Jessica Schule is trained in various spinal manipulation techniques.

The initial appointment includes an interview, diagnosis, and treatment and lasts for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Follow-up appointments last about 30 minutes. The frequency and duration of treatment depend on the type of issue being addressed. In general, acute injuries require 1-2 treatments per week over the course of 2-3 weeks, while more chronic issues will require treatment on a weekly basis for an average of 8-10 weeks. During the initial intake, your practitioner will give you a prognosis for treatment of your specific condition and answer any questions you may have.

Naturopathic Physicians are trained to treat physical medicine concerns through the use of Naturopathic Manipulations which include a combination of stretching, unwinding, and release techniques, designed to prevent the need for aggressive or too frequent adjustments to the body by many chiropractors in Ballard and Seattle. While taught by chiropractors for the purpose of technique, Naturopathic Physicians blend the techniques learned in a way that minimizes too much force on the body. Many people are familiar with chiropractic treatments, the audible pop or cavitation that happens from a high-velocity thrust. It is within the scope of Naturopathic Physicians to manipulate the spine to achieve results patients are looking for in decreased pain and improve range of motion.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage does vary, and we do recommend confirming your benefits before receiving services by contacting us for a benefit eligibility check. If checking your own insurance company, please look for coverage with OMT codes 98925-98929, these are the physician level adjustment codes. These may be under the umbrella of spinal adjustments, spinal manipulation or chiropractic care. Uniquely, Molina Healthcare and United Health Care Community plan for both apple health Medicaid plans and private exchange plans cover’s naturopathic physicians for spinal manipulation care, but may not cover chiropractic providers unless under the age of 18.

Spinal Manipulation

Manual spinal manipulation techniques are similar to traditional chiropractic spinal care, but as a full primary care physician, we can provide comprehensive management of back pain, neck pain, auto injury or accident recovery, or for everyday improvement of range of motion, exercise performance, or postural re-alignment. Dr. Andrew Simon is Rebel Med NW’s clinic director and primary physical medicine provider, trained by physical therapists, and chiropractic providers. Rebel Med Northwest physicians can integrate many common manual spinal manipulation techniques into their visits to achieve lasting results while providing safe and gentle approaches to care.

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