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Lisa Ackerman Nutrition Provider Ballard

Lisa Ackerman is a certified nutritionist (CN) and nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP) who is passionate about personalized nutrition, and about using nutrition to promote healing and resilient wellness. She has training in health coaching, positive psychology, and functional nutrition and likes to integrate aspects of all three to help people overcome barriers that are preventing them from truly optimizing nutrition and health outcomes. She has first-hand experience in the struggle, fatigue, and exhaustion that comes from following one-size-fits-all guidance, which is why her intention is to truly understand a client’s needs and motivations and how sound, research-backed diet and lifestyle recommendations might help them.  

Her undergraduate degree is in fine art photography from Seattle University, but after realizing a passion for learning about food and nutrition she quickly took a liking to science and biology when training for her nutritional therapy certification and then for a Master’s in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Her clinical focus uses therapeutic diets, advanced nutrition testing, research, behavior change and goal setting, and more to help restore balance with food allergies/sensitivities, digestive conditions, metabolic imbalance, immune conditions, and neurological concerns.


Lisa believes in fostering her client’s autonomy and motivation in order to help them become unstuck when it comes to their desired health, wellness, and nutritional resilience.  Her compassionate and down-to-earth approach helps integrate therapeutic plans and strategies to restore nutritional status and promote optimal wellness.

Lisa’s Interests:

When she isn’t trying to stay up-to-date on the ever evolving world of nutrition science, Lisa can be found in her makeshift photo darkroom, in a kickboxing or bootcamp class, in a canoe on one of Washington’s amazing lakes, or most likely playing on the floor with her dogs.

  • Nutrition Therapy Provider – Washington State
  • Certified Nutritionist- Washington State
  • American College of Nutrition
  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Master of Science in Nutrition (MS) – Nov 2020
    • University of Bridgeport- Bridgeport, CN
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography (B.F.A.) – June 2012
    • Seattle University- Seattle, WA
  • Rebel Med NW: Office Manager / Nutrition Provider
  • Fit Wellness Centers / Fit Acupuncture: Office Manager

A Note when Scheduling with Lisa:

** Lisa is currently providing additional nutrition counseling to our new and established naturopathic physician appointments when seen in conjunction with a Naturopathic physician. Lisa is now accepting new and follow up nutrition visits outside of insurance.

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