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I’ve been to many doctors in the Seattle area, and Dr Simon is one of the best I have found. Here are some things I’ve really appreciated about Dr Simon after working with him over the past several months:
1. Listening skills: He is an attentive, active listener.
2. Educates: he really takes the time to educate you about yourself and set you up for success & to maintain your optimum level of health on your own.
3. Education/background: His specialized knowledge over many fields: nutrition, fitness & exercise, chiropractic, mindfulness, breathwork, biofeedback, and naturopathic medicine. Many times I’ve had a question in concerning one, and he very specifically relates to another that other doctors had never pointed out.
4. Works with your budget: Very respectful of where you are at financially, won’t pressure you to spend more than you can currently afford on treatments, supplements, additional complimentary care, etc and is quick to pass on any affordable or free options/alternatives, resources and/or tools.

What I appreciate about Fit Naturopathic/the Facility:
1. “Teaching Aids”: Forgive the language here, coming from a teaching background, but as a visual learner myself, it’s come in handy that Dr Simon has a big screen Mac computer that he can flip your way to help you follow his explanation of a particular system whether that be anatomy, chemistry, musculoskeletal system, etc.
2. Reception: the receptionists are welcoming and professional. They have also been in my experience very responsive (returning calls) and responsible (to follow through on what they say they will do, relay a message, call back when they will, give you accurate information, etc). Unlike many offices, they almost always answer the first time, there’s no little to no wait-time or need to leave a message which can lead to needless confusion/complication, and then there’s always:
3. The “Klara” Messaging System: their online patient messaging system, which Dr Simon promptly responds to.
4. Facility: Very nice facility & convenient location, if you’re a Ballard local!

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