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What I believe sets Dr. Simon apart from the rest is his unique take on any health condition. His perspective on how to approach your health tactfully with intelligence and empathy while keeping your holistic health in mind is the result of years of cumulative study in multiple fields. Coming from a science background myself, it was clear to see that his studies translate to his practice. After an MVA that left me with chronic pain, I received many adjustments from him which were gentle and specific unlike that I had received from chiropractors who get use to their ways and often over adjust or wrongfully adjust without touching their patients. Dr. Simon is a holistic doctor of natural medicine who is careful to do a thorough intake as he listens to you, and answers all your questions before he begins to communicate with your body to get to the underlying cause. I would highly recommend Dr. Simon for any ailment, especially if you are stuck between multiple providers and do not feel you are getting better or if you simply want a second opinion.
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