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LENS Neurofeedback

How to change your mind to support a better lifestyle

What is LENS Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a specific and patented type of biofeedback for the brain. The LENS system monitors brainwave activity real time and the gives feedback to the brain, interrupting maladaptive brainwave patterns and allowing the brain to reset and regulate itself in a more healthy way. It is natural, and brings balance to the brain by helping the brain decrease or increase fast and slow brain waves that may interfere with performance.

The LENS is a specific kind of Neurofeedback that operates much more rapidly that traditional Neurofeedback and has qualities that make it much easier to use with people who can’t sit still.  With the LENS, the client doesn’t need to “do” anything, and there is nothing to learn.  The typical session with the LENS lasts 3-4 minutes.  This means that the LENS works well for people who either cannot or will not pay attention to a computer screen for longer time periods.  Additionally, the LENS works much faster than traditional Neurofeedback with the number of sessions ranging from as few as 1 to an overall average number of sessions of 20.

Lens Neurofeedback Ballard Seattle

$200 Introductory Offer (regularly $250)

  • Initial intake  & analysis by Naturopathic Physician
  • Includes LENS Neurofeedback training in office
  • Discuss health goals to support LENS Neurofeedback training success.
  • Naturopathic physician care and Neurofeedback provided together.

The patient sits passively, while the brain receives direct feedback information – an individualized treatment pattern based on a real-time EEG recording – through the sensors in the form of EEG brainwaves. The individualized information is then processed by the client’s own brain, which is able to reorganize any maladaptive patterns into more effective and efficient patterns.

This technology utilizes neuroplasticity, or the ability for the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning. The signal sent through the EEG sensors makes it possible for your brain to see its own dysfunctional pattern, and learn/adapt/grow into something better.

Traditional neurofeedback requires conscious attention and training for 45-60 minute sessions.  Results are typically attained over 40 or more sessions.

LENS does not require any focused attention, and the person does not need to do anything specific during the session.  The active sessions themselves last between a few seconds and a few minutes. Initial results are typically seen in 1-4 sessions, with an average number of 11 sessions per client.  This makes the LENS an excellent option for all individuals, including those who are unable to attend for lengthy periods of time and/or who are unable to understand instructions.

Patients across the lifespan, from young children to older adults, have benefited from LENS.

Office visits: Initial visits are based on 60-75 minute initial visit and follow-up visits vary from 30-45 minutes follow-up care. Every visit includes LENS Neurofeedback treatment. Package Discount is applied if package is purchased at the initial visit. Per visit pricing available at $150 per full visit, or $80 add on to traditional naturopathic visits as non-covered service..

Brain, memory, or cognitive supplements: A variety of dietary supplements are available in office, and may support or augment your care as provided by Dr. Jessica Wendling. These are a separate purchase and can be discussed with the provider.

Insurance: In many instances regular naturopathic office visits can be billed to insurance if deemed medically necessary, please talk to our front desk staff if you would like to use your insurance and have coverage for Naturopathic care. Price may vary depending on patient’s insurance deductible, copay, and plan benefits. The patient is responsible for understanding their insurance benefits for all covered and non-covered services. As a non-covered service the time of service fee for neurofeedback is $80.00 in addition to the office visit. Sliding scale options available for low income or Washington Apple Health Medicaid plans, non-covered service waiver required.  Please contact 206–297-6013 if you have any questions.

Payment: Cash, Debit, or Credit accepted. Automatic Payment plans available if half of the package is purchased upfront in office.

Appointment Policy and credit/debit card authorization

*We do request a credit card for scheduling purposes to hold your appointment, and is stored in a secure, PCI compliant merchant processor. Rebel Med Northwest will call or email to confirm the appointment requested below. The credit/debit card on file is only charged after visit is completed if you choose. Card will be charged for 50% of basic office visit or procedure if there is a late cancellation or no-show to the visit. Please see our 24 hour cancellation policy for more information. Please contact us at 206-297-6013 or email to

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