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Q13 Fox News – Dr. Andrew Simon Discusses Gym Hygiene

Your local gym may be a breeding ground for bacteria and other hidden grossness. Find out how to make sure you are safe and clean while working out.

King5 News – Catching up on sleep: is it possible?

KING 5’s Amanda Grace and Greg Copeland talk with Dr. Andrew Simon with the Bastyr Center about catching up on sleep as an adult.

Q13 Fox News – Natural ways to stay energized

Dr. Andrew Simon Discusses how to get more Energy Naturally in Seattle with Q13 Fox..

Q13 Fox News – Tips to keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

Dr. Andrew Simon from Bastyr Center for Natural Health discusses the hidden health risks in your kitchen and how to avoid them. He explains when you should replace sponges, water filters, and other tips for keeping a clean, safe and healthy kitchen.

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