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Naturopathic Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation care

We Treat back pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injury, or Motor vehicle or work related accidents.

Direct and effective treatments to reduce pain, inflammation, and improve your sense of well being in a professional and educational setting. Feel Better today by speaking with one of our trained professionals in physical medicine, reducing the need for pain medicines, or other medications.

Rebel Med NW provides an integrated approach to pain management and injury treatments. Trained Naturopathic Physicians, and Massage therapists to treat a spectrum of acute to chronic health conditions including neck and back pain, extremity pain. Motor vehicle, work related, accidents and personal injury cases accepted.

Physical Medicine Services

New Patients Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation

Stretching and spinal manipulation to relieve pain, improve range of motion, address posture and preventive exercises to restore balance to spine. Gentler alternative to chiropractic care.

Medical Massage

Massage therapy for Sports, Injury, or medical necessity by licensed massage therapists trained in advanced techniques for the purpose of injury rehabilitation and recovery.

Kinesio Taping Class In Seattle KT Tape

Kinesio Taping

The Original Kinesio Taping method to decrease pain, improve proprioception and encourage injury recovery.

Trigger Point Injections In Ballard

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injection therapy provides immediate pain relief to an affected area, encouraging the muscles to relax, and decrease their firing pattern, to help improve other therapeutic approaches when combined in an integrative approach to care.

Ultrasound Treatment

Required initial examination, then 15-minute treatments provided to affected areas including muscle spasm, overuse injuries, and tendonitis.

Biofeedback And Mindfulness

Cranio Sacral & Visceral Manipulation

Intro Exam, Assessment, and Treatment provided with gentle unwinding techniques for the joints of the skull, spine, extremities, or visceral organs to encourage improved stress management, improved organ function, to improve health and well being.

Magnesium IV Therapy

IV Magnesium therapy can provide an instant relief to muscle spasms, pain, and part of an integrative approach to relaxing the nervous and musculoskeletal systems while additional care is provided to improve your healing response.

Natural Neck And Back Pain Treatment In Ballard

Referrals for Orthopedic Care

Work with a primary care physician to help obtain a referral to an orthopedic, physical therapist, or other musculoskeletal provider to get in the right hands of care. Our list of trusted referrals can get you moving better, and stronger without pain.

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