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We have learned a lot since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and have witnessed numerous challenges that have arisen as a consequence. From the physical, mental, and emotional toll we have all collectively been through as a response to managing covid-19, one thing that has stood out since the beginning, is that it takes an integrative approach to treat both acute infection, and the lingering effects of PASC or Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 as many refer to as Long Haul Covid. Our Integrative long haul covid clinic in Ballard, Seattle uses both evidence based approaches you find at primary medical centers, but builds upon this with functional and naturopathic medicine approaches to care.

Our functional & integrative medicine approach uses the latest research, guidance from WA DOH, Power of Providers Initiative, principles of psychoneuroimmunology(the mechanism which our response to stress, affects our nervous system and our immune system), mind body medicine, exercise science, and principles of naturopathic medicine to improve the symptoms of PASC. Dr. Andrew Simon for Example is the current Naturopathic representative for the state of Washington for advising the Department of Health on Long Haul Covid related treatment strategies.

What are the areas of concern for health and the body?

Long Covid or PASC


Increased risk for diabetes, pancreatic function, kidney disease, and mitochondrial dysfunction leading to reduced exercise capacity


Vagus Nerve Dysregulation, complicating the autonomic response, poor muscle capacity and reduce overall energy


Neuroinflammation of the brain leading to aggravated mental health including anxiety, depression, ADHD, Burnout, Brain Fog, and reduced cognitive capacity


Causing erectile dysfunction, menstrual changes, infertility, varicocele, and reduced libido and sexual health

Integrative Long Covid Clinic


Covid-19 can cause Myocarditis, Tachycardia, POTS, & Chest Pain


Triggering Autoimmune re-activation, or kickstarting chronic inflammatory responses in the body


Altering Gut Microbiome, complicating underlying IBS, SIBO, or other inflammatory bowel conditions such as ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease


Hypertension, poor circulation, loss of blood flow to various organs reduces health long term and aggravates underlying established conditions


Rebel Med NW providers have been voted Top Naturopathic & Acupuncture clinic from 2017-2023 by Seattle Met Magazine. We have been here since testing, vaccines, and now an integrative long haul covid clinic in Seattle.

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What is Rebel Med NW's Approach to


Natural hypertension treatment in seattle with functional medicine

Integrative Long Haul Covid
Full Evaluation & Lab Testing

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Whole Foods Diet & Nutrition Guidance

Evidenced Based Approaches to Long Covid (PASC) in Seattle

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the challenging condition of long-haul COVID, requiring an integrated approach for effective management. This condition’s complexity, highlighted by immune dysregulation, microbiome dysbiosis, autoimmune activation, endothelial dysfunction, neuroinflammation, and disrupted neurological signaling, demonstrates the need for multifaceted treatment strategies. The reactivation of viruses such as Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) exacerbates symptoms, particularly fatigue, pointing to the intertwined nature of immune response and viral reactivation in long-haul COVID.

Key aspects of managing long-haul COVID include addressing the erratic immune responses and gut microbiome imbalances, as well as countering autoimmune reactions and vascular health issues. The condition prompts a reevaluation of the immune system’s role and the impact of gut health, underlining the importance of dietary interventions and probiotic supplementation. Moreover, tackling autoimmune and endothelial dysfunctions is essential, given their contribution to the wide range of symptoms experienced by sufferers.

An integrated treatment approach, blending traditional and modern medical practices, is advocated for addressing the root causes of long-haul COVID symptoms. Strategies such as nutritional support, herbal remedies, and acupuncture are part of personalized care plans aiming to restore balance and facilitate recovery. This comprehensive approach underscores the importance of addressing the intricate challenges of long-haul COVID to promote lasting health and resilience, offering a path forward for those affected by the condition. Consider meeting with one of Rebel Med NW’s Naturopathic Physicians today located at our clinic in Seattle or online via telemedicine.

Integrative Long Covid Patient


Feeling brain fog, anxiety, and just generally weak, I never could have that that even my mild covid infection could have such lasting effects. I was thankful to find the team at Rebel Med to find the path I needed to start feeling better again!

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