Nano Needling

Gentle Immediate Plumping of Skin

No Recovery Time

Bring Color & Luster to your Face

Nano needling is similar to microneedling, but more gentle and has a shorter treatment time. This is a great option for in-between micro-needling sessions, as there is no recovery time. The same nutritive and herbal serums are used as with microneedling. Perfect for the day before a special event, this treatment brings color and luster to your face leaving you with immediate plumping of skin.  Because of the gentle nature of this treatment, we can work closer to the eyes for treating dark circles or puffiness.  

Nano Needling

Vegan Stem Cells & Chinese Herb Serums

30 Minute Session


New Patient Special


Single Session


3 Treatment Package


Add-on Body Acupuncture

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