Trusted Referrals

Our List of Trusted Providers in the Greater Seattle Community for Care and Well-Being

The providers at our office can make medical referrals on your behalf. However, a referral from a medical provider does not guarantee coverage from your insurance. Please use the Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Checklist that we have provided for your convenience to get the information you need from our insurance company to understand your insurance plan. You can then use your insurance plan to find if the medical providers you want a referral to are in network with your insurance plan or not and plan accordingly.

Rebel Med NW also has a list of local providers in the area that we can refer to. We try to send patients to places where we know their insurance is accepted. However, it is still important for the patient to understand their individual plans when it comes to benefits for the particular procedures and modalities being applied because we cannot guarantee anything that your insurance company chooses to do.

Clinical Psychologists / Counseling:

Thrive for the People
Jennifer Chain, PHD
Ballard, Seattle

Eric Jannazzo, PHD
Fremont, Seattle

Licensed Mental Health / Family / Marriage Counselors:

Lencsi Angel – Sage Therapy Group –

Fred Dumez-Matheson –

Thrive for the People – LMHC Team

Physical Therapy Providers:

IRG – Physical & Occupational TherapyCenter for Structural Medicine – Ballard

TherapediaBallard & Queen Anne

Dr. Stephanie Irwin, PT, DPT, – Rise Performance Medicine

Dr. Stephanie Schultz, PT, DPT – Prism Physical Therapy and Pilates

Chiropractic (DC):

Ryan Hansen, DC, MS – Elevate Chiropractic & Rehab – elevatechiropracticrehab
Located in Fremont

Dr. Alyssa Avila, DC & Dr. Logan Trachuk, DCBase Chiro
Located in Ballard

Other Bodywork:

Joy Walker, SPRe Practitioner – SPRe Bodywork (Somatic Personal Resonance) –

Sofi Paco – LMT

Medical Physicians (MD):

David Harvey, MD and other providers

Naturopathic Physicians (ND):

Pediatrics & Women’s Health:

Ground Floor Health – Wallingford
Dr. Christina Gutierrez, ND, LM, CPM –

Vital Kids Medicine – Ballard

Naturopathic Physicians (ND):

Men’s Health, Hormone replacement, Testosterone Therapies, HIV / Immune Health:

Dr. Steve MilkisGreenlake Natural Medicine

IV Therapy:

Natural Medicine of Seattle –

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