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How do Herbs and Supplements Work?

If food is the original ancient medicine, and pharmaceuticals are the marvel of modern medicine, then herbs and supplements are somewhere in between. Herbalism is an ancient practice of deciphering which substances in our natural world can be helpful in aiding our own bodies to heal. They used observations of symptoms, flavors, energetics, observing animals in nature, and of course, trial and error to figure out which natural substances did what, and then they passed it down to their communities. Eventually, some knowledge was recorded and cataloged into language and we have the formal practice and teaching of “herbalism”.

Supplements started with components of herbalism. Chinese medicine documented the use of calcium carbonate found in shells and fossils or animal gelatin. But the explosion in the supplements we know today came along with the scientific and industrial revolutions as we increased our ability to isolate and synthesize specific compounds. There is cross-functioning between herbs and supplements. Both provide resources to the human body when food alone cannot suffice, usually during times of illness, injury, or the aging process. But nowadays, we can argue that stress and general food quality in our environment has broadened the uses and need for nutritive support.

Herbs and Supplements basically provide resources and support physiological functioning. Trained herbalists such as acupuncturists, Naturopathic Physicians, and other trained and Certified Herbalists use their knowledge to provide the best advice for how to use these tools for your specific condition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Herbs & Supplements

Understanding what dietary supplements to take and if even indicated for you is an important step towards saving money and improved health. Rebel Med NW providers Dr. Andrew Simon, Dr. Kathy Severson, Dr. Jason FauntLeRoy, and Dr. Lois Hernandez provide a free 15-minute consultation, that allows you to understand the appropriate, safe, and researched methods for taking supplements for various health conditions. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad products out on the market, as supplement manufacturers aren’t held to the same standards as drug manufacturers from consistency and quality standards. Just see this report about low-quality supplements at Target, Walmart, or GNC. The products we carry at Rebel Med NW meet our quality standards, and our recommended in various health conditions as a means to improve our patients’ health to a more sustainable level with diet and lifestyle, and to counter the ill effects of our environment.

The Rebel Med NW team will only provide the safest and most researched use of dietary supplemental aids to help facilitate your journey to wellness. Additionally, part of Rebel Med NW’s philosophy is central to the principles of Naturopathic Medicine, to restore your body’s ability to gain its nutrition and ability to heal through food and the environment, therefore alternatives to supplements are provided as indicated including over the counter and prescription medicines available through your health insurance’s drug formulary. We provide info sheets on many of our dietary supplements so you can provide this information to your other health care providers, while additionally performing interaction checkers to make sure you do not have an adverse reaction to a medication.

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Rebel Med NW uses top-tier supplements and herbal remedies that are from well-respected manufacturers in its online and Ballard dietary supplement dispensary. Rebel Med NW provides discounted access to dietary supplements to encourage the use of higher quality at a lower cost and does not make a profit off of supplement sales, as a means to support access to care for low income and Washington apple health Medicaid clients.

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