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What is Integrative Concierge Medicine?

Functional Medicine, Primary Care, Integrative Approach to Medicine

Our Integrative Concierge Wellness Plans put your health first. With one of these plans, you will have access to services beyond what your insurance will pay for. With a combination of insurance billing and accumulated concierge credits, we will work with you to create a health and wellness program tailored to your needs throughout the year. There are three plans offered to best suit your health and wellness goals. With added benefits from waived fees, direct messaging with your medical team, supplement and lab discounts, and free vitamin injections, we are here to disrupt the current way of doing things to prioritize your health.

Our integrative approach to functional medicine focuses on your wellness goals. We look at the root of your health concerns rather than just the symptoms. Our team of providers at Rebel Med NW is consistently voted as Seattle’s Top Doctors because we listen to you and create a plan. With the concierge medicine model, you will have access to all the services to achieve those goals all year. Rolling credits allow you to use the services when you need them.

Integrative Concierge Medicine

Membership Overview

Integrative Concierge Medicine Benefits

Each Monthly Membership Includes the Following

Dedicated PCP/ND Specialist, pick from one of our ND providers.
Waived Admin Fees, additional fees such as blood draws and form fees.
Discounts on Supplements, direct pricing labs through quest.
Direct messaging access to your doctor for quick questions.
Extended appointments as needed
Vitamin Injection included monthly, pick from B12, B Complex, & more.
Accumulate credits for access to your choice of non-covered services such as Biofeedback, IV Nutrient Therapy or aesthetic services.
More access to Wellness based visits than traditional primary care: mind body medicine, acupuncture, & physical medicine.


Integrative Concierge Wellness Plans

Consider one of the monthly options below support a budgeted amount of care that makes financial sense for you while we support your return to optimal wellness. All of our concierge options below are a 3 month minimum, allowing flexibility to budget as you need to either increasing or decreasing your rate to stay in line with your budget and your wellness goals.

All options below including 30 minutes initial wellness onboarding time

All access/admin fees waived, form fees waived, blood draw fees waived
Select an ND as your concierge doctor for as needed questions outside of office visits
Prepaid Vitamin Injection/monthly ($30 value), each additional injection ingredient only $20
*or 1 credit

*or 1 credit
Credits for non-covered services
*See Credit List
**Credits Roll Over
2 6 10
Discount on Supplements 10% 15% 20%
Discount on Direct Pricing Labs 10% 15% 20%
Unlimited Spinal Manipulation Maintenance/Wellness Visits
Ideal for patients with Insurance that provide benefits for core services
(Premera/Regence/BCBS) or need minimal wellness/maintenance care
minimal alternative benefits for core services (Aetna/Cigna/Kaiser) and need moderate wellness/maintenance care. minimal alternative benefits for core services (Aetna/Cigna/Kaiser) and need more advanced wellness/maintenance care.
Ideal for Wellness maintenance care Have no in-network insurance with our office, and want a fixed support strategy for wellness care that includes ND and Acupuncture coverage pre-budgeted to get you back on track Have no in-network insurance with our office, and want a fixed support strategy for wellness care that includes ND and Acupuncture coverage pre-budgeted to get you back on track

In all memberships above these plans are not a replacement for health insurance, and are not able to replace medically necessary office visits that are eligible to be billed to insurance. The plans above provide fixed budgeted non-covered services and concierge benefits to improve your care quality. Each credit has an approx value of $25 for non-covered services, see list of example credits. When credits are used up, additional cost for non-covered service may be required.

These pre-paid credits expire after 1 year if unused.

Wellness & Functional Medicine Services

Membership credits for wellness servicse that are not covered by insurance

Example Integrative Membership Credit Services:

  • Biofeedback / Mind Body Medicine Training
  • East Asian Medical Services (EAMP) Services
  • Functional Lab Panels (Nutrition, Genomics, GI panels)
  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • IV Nutrient Therapy Treatments or Bag Upgrades
  • Cupping
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Aesthetic Services

Plan for a Healthy Future

Disrupting Health Care Costs

Your primary care physician should be there to go to bat for you when your insurance company denies your prescription, prior authorized coverage, and more. We pride ourselves on knowing how the ins and outs of the insurance companies behave and how we can stand up for you. While not all services we provide may have benefits from insurance, our concierge membership plans allow you to have that fixed monthly budget so you have a team member on your side.

Think of us as a financial planner for your preventative health future. Let us move your forward towards peace of mind in your health. We use the latest standards of care, screening assessments, and referrals for care. We can order labs, order imaging, order referrals, and submit prior auth for services. Often we can find a cheaper, more cost-effective, natural solution in-house with our talented, licensed Bastyr University-trained Naturopathic Physicians.

Learn More about Billing Options

Functional Medicine

The Rebel Med NW Approach

The original Functional Medicine doctor, a Primary Care provider, and a Physical Medicine specialist are all in one family practice physician. Rebel Med NW doctors are repeatedly voted Seattle Met Top Doctor for a reason. We save you time, money, and energy to be your best mentally, physically, and spiritually. We provide safe and functional treatments by providing clear education about the latest supplements, herbs, and their efficacy. Learn how your health can be protected through various nutrition or genetic testing options.

Medicine as we know it evolves, and following the latest research, and evidence, a new approach to primary care is necessary. Our Primary Care Doctors can treat many common medical conditions. Providing both individual and family health care. With the ability to prescribe medications, perform physical exams, and order labs or diagnostic imaging, you can gain the traditional healthcare model you are familiar with.

Learn More about Naturopathic Medicine

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

East Meets West - Integrative Concierge Medicine with Acupuncture

Embrace a new standard of healthcare with our Seattle-based team of licensed integrative East Asian Medical Practitioners or EAMP. Our Acupuncturists at Rebel Med NW in Ballard have been voted Seattle Met Top Doctor in 2022 and Top Doctor in 2023. Nestled in the heart of downtown Ballard, Seattle, our clinic specializes in combining traditional Western medical practices with ancient Eastern healing philosophies to address your health needs holistically.

Discover the Power of Acupuncture

Are you searching for a natural, effective way to enhance your energy levels, boost your immune health, and address sports or physical activity-related injuries? Look no further than acupuncture, one of the core modalities we offer here at Rebel Med NW in Seattle.

Used for thousands of years, acupuncture is a time-honored, non-invasive technique known for its broad range of benefits. When expertly performed, acupuncture has been found to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities, promote emotional balance, and even increase vitality.

Our Acupuncture providers additional provide therapeutic cupping, tui na, moxibustion, trigger point injections, and even cosmetic acupuncture care in their full line of treatments.

Learn More About Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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