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Providing a unique and authentic approach to health


Located in the Pacific Northwest Rebel Med NW is an integrative medical practice in the heart of the old Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The practitioners at Rebel Med NW are focused on improving the health and wellness of the community in a way that is natural and sustainable.  The Rebel Med NW philosophy uses functional and integrative medicine therapies from traditional, alternative and conventional approaches. Come meet our providers and start feeling better today.


As a part of the Rebel Med NW philosophy, we believe that health is more than a singular objective, it is a way of being. Health is accessing an authentic living that is free from the stories of disease that we tell ourselves, it is true health of mind, body, and spirit.

We know that it is difficult to leave behind what is familiar, even as we understand that it no longer serves us or is causing us pain. Health takes courage, health requires community, health is a commitment. At Rebel Med NW, we are building a community and we are committed to true health for our patients.


Rebel Med NW sits in the heart of the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle, WA and is a unique integrative health care clinic found in the Northwest.  Our practitioners believe in providing the best care to our patients in the form of patient education and patient advocacy. The way we see it is we have useful information and tools that the patient needs on the path to their health goals and we do our best to give the patient the most appropriate information and tools they need to succeed.

Our integrative health tools include a variety of techniques both conventional and alternative. We offer Mind-Body Medicine such as Biofeedback, Traditional Medicine such as Acupuncture, Physical Medicine such as Spinal Manipulations and Massage, Herbal medicines from both Chinese and Western approaches, and conventional modern medicine such as lab testing and pharmaceuticals. Our approach mixes alternative and conventional medical care. We provide this comprehensive and personalized care to our patients so they can live better and focus on the things that matter to them.

So come in and meet our Naturopathic team Dr. Andrew Simon, Dr. Kathy Severson, & Dr. Jessica Schule. Or meet our acupuncture team Dr. Phonexay Lala Simon, EAMP , Khairul Bhagwandin, EAMP, LAc, and Dr. Brendon Fegan, EAMP, LAc today. They are knowledgeable, candid, and authentic and they help support their patients’ goals to be fit, healthy, and stress-free because we are all here to do something special, and we cannot give our 100 to that special thing unless we are well.

Rebel Med NW is located across the street from the Olympic Athletic Club in the northwest part of Seattle!

Come find us!

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