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Ballard Naturopathic Medicine Clinic at Rebel Med NW

Rebel Med NW Ballard Naturopathic Medicine Clinic

The Rebel Med NW Naturopathic Medical Team

Naturopathic Doctors can treat many common medical conditions and can provide both individual and family health care. With the ability to prescribe medicines, order labs or diagnostic imaging, can provide medical diagnostic care while supporting your care with other health care providers including other primary care physicians or specialists.

Among the most common ailments they treat are allergies, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, obesity, respiratory conditions, heart disease, fertility problems, menopause, adrenal fatigue, cancer, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

At Rebel Med NW, the physicians additionally specialize in musculoskeletal disorders that are treated through spinal manipulation, stretching techniques similar to a chiropractor, or more gentle approaches including hydrotherapy, craniosacral, and visceral manipulation.

We believe in a strong emphasis in supporting mental health, with providers at Rebel Med NW providing an integrative approach to mental health treating depression, anxiety, stress, and it’s consequence with mental health counseling, coaching, nutrition support, and medication support including assisting in medication tapering. We take referrals for Mind Body Medicine coaching, Biofeedback, and Neurofeedback.


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Naturopathic Medicine Services

Naturopathic Primary Care

Naturopathic Primary Care

Integrative approach to evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, referrals, and more. Naturopathic Providers are uniquely trained to be your primary care physician, or your adjunct care specialist, with most major insurance accepted.

New Patients Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation Care

Alternative to Chiropractic care, Naturopathic Physicians can provide both primary evaluation and treatment in a gentle and diverse approach to improving back, neck, or extremity pain.

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Rebel Med NW utilizes a HIPAA secure platform for communication to help patients unable to come to the office in person, and improve their health with medical support including prescriptions, coaching, and accountability.

Mind Body Medicine

We optimize your body’s natural ability to manage stress through mindfulness, breathing, self-hypnosis, and counseling using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches with lifestyle coaching to improve emotional intelligence and stress resiliency.

Nutrient IV Therapy

Intravenous Nutrient Hydration and treatment options available to help improve energy, optimize immune system, and aid recovery from dehydration to athletic performance. Recover faster, to keep your day going strong.

Vitamin B12 Injection

Vitamin Injections

Vitamin B12 Injections can be a great way to encourage more energy in the body, facilitate weight loss or detox programs, or help if you are deficient in certain nutrients.

Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight and have more energy naturally with a physician. Our trained physicians can evaluate barriers to weight loss including laboratory testing, stress management, medication or supplement support, and exercise coaching.

Healthy Detox Therapy In Ballard

Healthy Detox Program

We optimize your body’s natural ability to detoxify, whether it is for physical health, emotional, or mental health.


Our naturopathic and nutrition providers provide a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle coaching plan that can augment any medical condition treated at Rebel Med NW. Work one on one, and in group settings.


Learn how to become aware of your stress response, through biofeedback and neurofeedback approaches to care that optimize the type of meditative practice you can use to improve your stress resilience and improve your work life balance.

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Functional Medicine

Rebel Med NW utilizes a functional medicine approach to health, using lab testing, integrative options for care, and the latest research for dosing of nutritional aids and supplements, tailored for your health.

Ballard Natural Medicine

Supplement Dispensary

Understanding what dietary supplements to take and if even indicated for you is an important step towards saving money and improved health.

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