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Physical medicine services provided at Rebel Med NW include care most often similar to chiropractic or physical therapy, but provided through the vantage of treatments provided by a Naturopathic Physician. Imagine if your primary care physician could do more than just provide muscle relaxers or pain medicine, and initiate a treatment strategy that includes hands on released of a restricted joint, muscle, or body region. Trained in the spectrum of chiropractic, osteopathic, and naturopathic manipulation techniques. Providers Dr. Andrew Simon, Dr. Jessica Wendling, & Dr. Jessica Schule can provide assessment and treatment in office without needing to refer unnecessarily. Services provided at Rebel Med NW include: Spinal manipulation, massage, manual therapy, kinesio taping, trigger point injections, therapeutic stretching, ultrasound, exercise training, and if needed referrals to other outside providers.

Dr. Kathy Severson, ND, Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Kathy Severson

Dr. Kathy Severson is a naturopathic doctor who is passionate about integrative medicine and helping support individuals in their journey…

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