Seattle Seasonal Allergies

seasonal allergies in seattle
The photo was taken from Seattle Magazine – Sneezin’ Season: Seattle’s Seasonal Allergies – May 2016 – Interview with Dr. Andrew Simon

Want help managing your Seattle seasonal allergies? Check out Dr. Andrew Simon’s recent interview with Seattle Magazine titled, “Sneezin’ Season: Seattle’s Seasonal Allergies” with some simple comparison’s to traditional allergy medications.  Not everyone reacts to the same allergens, while it is important to identify potentially triggering allergens from the trees or plants in your neighborhood. Treating allergies with natural medicine, is also about identifying the total load on the immune system, that causes the hyper-reactive allergy response in the first place, and about bringing down the total load on the body over time, so you can continue enjoying the outdoors without having to rely on antihistamines, or even herbal supplements over time.

The total body load includes the contributions of stress, diet, food intolerances, hydration, current health conditions, and your overall immune system

Seasonal Allergies in Seattle and Natural Medicine
The concept of Total Load and Allergies

health, including your digestive bacteria and microbiome! At Rebel Med NW, formally Fit Naturopathic, we use a blend of therapies to help achieve quick symptomatic relief but also build a plan to rebuild your immune system to function normally again and reduce your reliance on medications or supplements so you can breathe and see well again even when seasonal allergies in Seattle take their toll.

Before trying anything, always check with a licensed Naturopathic Physician, who can take into account your total health history and build a holistic plan that fits your body, and fits your health. It is important to use high quality, researched, and sustainable herbs or nutrients when using natural health remedies. There is rarely equivalent medications to herbs due to concentration and dosage, it is not recommended to decrease a medication unless approved by a physician, particularly if you have asthma or any other conditions that affect breathing and respiratory function.

If you have any questions about Seasonal Allergies in Seattle, asthma, or how other allergies affect your immune system, respiratory system, or digestive system, schedule a free 15 min online telemedicine consultation or in-person consultation with Dr. Andrew Simon, at 206-297-6013 or [email protected].



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